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Monday, 22 February 2010

CPS Chief Inspector Mike Fuller Corruption Bribery Files - DISCLOSURES - US Library of Congress "Stolen" National Treasures Forensics Files - Kent Police HQ Maidstone Prosecution Files - Carroll Trust - HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate Corruption Fraud Scandal

The former Kent Police Chief Constable Michael Fuller QPM who is now the Chief Inspector of the Crown Prosecution Service is understood to be the subject of serious criminal allegations surrounding the shocking theft of the priceless Oxford University Carroll Institute US Anglo-Irish national treasures collections which embraced rare thirteenth century manuscripts and other items of national importance. The compelling evidential dossiers are held "in custody" at the FBI Washington DC field office. It is understood that Sir Tony Baldry MP a criminal barrister and Mark Field MP for the City of London Westminster "in concert" with Keir Starmer QC the Director-General of the CPS Crown Prosecution Service also retain compelling evidential material in this massive tax billion dollar tax fraud heist operation that stretches the globe over a staggering sixteen years

UK Government Whitehall sources have confirmed that the world renowned Oxford University Carroll Institute library which is regarded as the world's finest collection of Irish books and manuscripts three Irish "Celtic Gold Torques" the State of Maryland "Charles Carroll Attorney General Maryland Seals" together with a complete "charge sheets" inventory of criminal break-ins burglaries and organised criminal seizure offences involving the Kent Police Authority are all contained within Carroll Trust dossiers.

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